TechVantage is a fast growing Analytics Company committed to, helping organizations take learned decisions by deriving insights from vast amount of structured and unstructured data. TechVantage combines the deep skills in Data Science with the ability to develop high performance software to help organizations gain competitive edge.

Country Head

Timothy Metzger has over 20 years of IT experience, having worked on successful solutions development, product acquisitions and IT and Infrastructure implementations, across multiple continents, cultures and for various Fortune 500 clients.

Tim, a certified Manufacturing Engineer has built a wealth of knowledge through his many years of consulting and project management. His various skills include analysing, configuring, presenting, recommending and implementing cost effective solutions. Further Metzger's ability to build operational concepts and unique solutions are based on ITIL's "Plan, Build and Run", including business continuity and disaster recovery planning demonstrates strategic value thinking. Metzger has extensive technical and programme/project management skills as well as knowledge in project development, budget, manpower, organization, estimations, planning and realizations. Tim’s forte is that as a strong Analytical , Logical and Problem Solving person.

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